Online units and currency conversion system. aggregates different services around countries, currencies and units.
It provides query, conversion and calculation APIs.
Connected users also get access to customizable units and conversion rates.

Request a beta account to access advanced functionalities :

Countries - Currencies - Rates - Units - And more...

Access the Swagger interface or the GraphQl interface to test our APIs and integrate the service into your application.


Get a list of countries based on ISO-3166 additional information like flags, capital, flag colors, or borders



Get a list of currencies based on ISO-4217

Currency rates

Find currency rates from CEB rates, with statistics on rates. Members can define custom rates.


Get units from unit systems, and convert between units.

Sample image

I want to use my own rates, to convert my data

There is more to it.

Registered users can define their own rates. Custom rates can be segmented by category, and the conversion engine can prioritize categorized rates over CEB rates.
Custom rates can also be applied over periods of time.

Sample image

You don't have this unit in your conversion engine !

Our system is extensible. A registered user can define its own units to convert value. These units can be categorized too.

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